How To Hire Globally With Omnipresent

The world of work has experienced a huge shift over the last few years, from centralised teams working in offices to distributed teams working remotely from across the globe. Technology has enabled collaboration, and workers and companies alike are embracing new ways of working like never before.

For employers to remain competitive in a talent-led market, they need to explore new opportunities that may have been previously out of reach. One of these new opportunities is hiring a global workforce. The benefits for organisations include: 

  • Improving diversity of talent and thought 
  • Uncovering a vast talent pool 
  • Building an international employer brand 
  • Expanding into a new market with new customers 
  • Enhancing employee engagement by increasing flexibility with Work from Anywhere policies

“In the new world of work, employers need to look beyond borders and hire a globally distributed workforce. That’s why we’ve partnered with Omnipresent, so employers have the ability to access a wider talent pool, while also remaining competitive in a talent-led market.” Tim Grimes, Co-Founder of WorkYourWay.

But international employment is complex. That’s where Omnipresent comes in. The Employer of Record (EOR) model isn’t new; it’s been around for decades. However, as more and more businesses open up to global hiring, Omnipresent are stepping in as a simple solution to international employment. Omnipresent have already helped hundreds of organisations hiring internationally, including Halfbrick, Daltrey, Cube,, and more. ” 

Omnipresent makes it quick, simple, and easy to hire remote teams anywhere in the world. From onboarding to payroll and legal compliance, they take care of all your employment needs. 

  • Employ Anywhere: Never lose out on another world-class candidate. Hire any talent, anywhere with Omnipresent. They help employ talent compliantly in over 160 countries and regions. 
  • Onboard Anytime: Onboard remote employees or teams seamlessly and efficiently. Omnipresent manage all the complicated administration behind the scenes. 
  • One Invoice for Everything: Omnipresent handle all of the complexity of local taxes and cross-border payments. Pay your team’s salary, taxes, and benefits in a single monthly invoice. 
  • Benefits for Everyone: Provide competitive, locally relevant benefits packages for everyone in your team, regardless of where they are based.

“Flexibility is key to the way people work, and the future of hiring depends on it. Together with WorkYourWay, we champion working flexibility on a global scale, and enable employees and businesses to make dream jobs a reality.” Beth Skelton, Partnerships Manager at Omnipresent

To explore Omnipresent for your business, sign up here and get a discount as a WorkYourWay subscriber.

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